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Jon & Kate Gosselin Shared Feud Over Twins’ Birthday

Kate Gosselin found a bright spot in the midst of the marriage problems — the 9th birthday of the her twins Cara and Mady.

Angelina Jolie’s Chocolate Cake Break In “Salt” Set

Angelina Jolie takes a break on the set of her new movie Salt to enjoy a slice of chocolate cake for a crew member’s birthday on Sunday (May 24) in Queens, New York.

Reese Witherspoon’s Christmas Cake

Reese Witherspoon “makes an applesauce cake” every Christmas Day.

John Mayer Joked About Jennifer Aniston’s Cake

John Mayer has jokingly suggested his romance with Jennifer Aniston is in trouble again because she took all the credit for baking a cake.

Will Jennifer Lopez Judge Project Runway Finale?

Jennifer Lopez will serve as a judge on the season 5 finale of Bravo’s Project Runway, according to a source.