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Zac Efron Was Seen At JFK Airport In New York City

Zac Efron, who already complete his work, was seen at JFK Airport in New York City on July 27.

Shocking Images Could Cost Tiger Woods Millions In Divorce

Tiger Woods reportedly caught by a security camera groping a mistress during a secret California tryst, which could cost him millions in a divorce war.

Tiger Woods’ Alleged Nude Pictures Won’t Be Published In Playgirl

Playgirl refused to publish Tiger Woods’ alleged nude pictures after the magazine could not prove the authenticity of the images.

David Letterman’s Controversy Rocked By Sexy Footage Speculation

David Letterman’s scandal lead to more shocking details as it was rocked by sex tape reports, which showed him with a female staff member.

Paris Hilton Loses Personal Photos In Australia

Paris Hilton has reportedly lost a camera filled with hundreds of personal photographs taken during her Australian visit.

Will Kate Middleton Feel Embarrass Over Her Brother Photos?

Kate Middleton, who received an invitation of Britain’s Prince Charles’ 60th birthday celebrations later this year, has a photo album that would embarrass her and will not be rushing to show it to the Queen.

Daniel Radcliffe Hated Flies & Had To Smoke On Aussie Film Set

Daniel Radcliffe has experience in new film “December Boys” which is far from the magical things in Harry Potter – he had to smoke and swat flies.