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Angelina Jolie Defends Her Daughter’s Unique Look

Angelina Jolie defends her adorable daughter Shiloh, who has a tomboy look, because the toddler’s choice was fascinating.

Kim Kardashian’s Biggest Butt For iPhone App Avatar

Kim Kardashian was asking for the biggest dearie for her iPhone app avatar.

Taylor Lautner Is Confirmed To Attend People’s Choice

Taylor Lautner, who appeared to have massive arms, was spotted out at the gym for a workout in Los Angeles on December 31.

Barack Obama Revealed His Musical Choice

Bob Dylan. Yo-Yo Ma. Sheryl Crow. Jay-Z. These aren’t musical acts in a summer concert series: They’re artists featured on Barack Obama’s iPod.

Brad Pitt: Arrived At 2008 Critic’s Choice With Angelina Jolie, His “Museum Dream” Was Squashed

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were seen arriving at the 2008 Critics’ Choice Awards on January 7, 2008 in Santa Monica, California.

Jessica Alba: FHM’s Sexiest Woman

Jessica Alba has been voted as the sexiest woman according to F.H.M. magazine, taking the lead over 99 sexy women that entered the choices. Chris Bell, the editor of the magazine, revealed, “She is talented, beautiful and successful, and she is also very sexy.” The actress Jessica Alba took the title of the sexiest woman […]