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Chris Brown Won In Child Custody Case

Chris Brown has joint custody of his daughter, Royalty.

Chris Brown Gets A Chance To Enjoy Jail Amenities

Chris Brown just entered into the the “Four Seasons” of jails.

Chris Brown Is Offended With Con Air Flight Plans

Chris Brown thought it is offensive that the U.S. Attorney wanted to put him on Con Air flight from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. because he was not a prisoner.

Chris Brown Is Having A Good Mood At A Christmas Charity Drive

Chris Brown is definitely beaming during the time that he is out of the anger management rehab.

Rihanna Unveiled “Loud” Album Cover

Rihanna was sporting a bold red lipstick and keeping her eyes closed in her “Loud” album cover.

Has Rihanna Planned To Marry Matt Kemp?

Rihanna was rumored to be planning to marry her boyfriend Matt Kemp.