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Justin Bieber’s Church of Beatitudes Visit

Justin Bieber was seen while visiting the Church of Beatitudes on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Miranda Kerr Flashed Engagement Ring In Los Angeles

Miranda Kerr flashed her diamond ring when she visited churches in Los Angeles with her mother ahead of her wedding to Orlando Bloom.

Lindsay Lohan Romantically Linked To A French Actor

Lindsay Lohan, who was previously linked to different celebrities since her split from former lover Samantha Ronson, became romantically linked to hunky French actor Aurélien Wiik during a visit to a party at the Church boutique in Los Angeles.

Britney Spears: Had Church Breakdown, Was A Big Deal In News

Britney Spears and her paparazzi beau Adnan Ghalib were indeed at the place of worship on Monday following her quick visit to the courthouse, confirmed by the spokesperson for the Little Brown Church in Van Nuys, California.

Britney Spears’ New Promo Photos Sparked Controversy

Britney Spears will shock the world with her saucy new promotional shots that shows the singer is seducing a handsome Catholic priest.