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Shakira Disapproves Anti-Immigration Law

Shakira, who disapproves the new anti-immigration law in Arizona, was rumored to discuss a meeting with government officials at legislative office on April 29.

Jennifer Aniston Will Be On Adam Sandler’s Pretend Wifeh

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler may be working together on “Pretend Wife,” a romantic comedy due out near Valentine‚Äôs Day of 2011.

Michael Phelps Acknowledged Photo & Issued An Apology

14-times Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps has issued a public apology soon after a picture of him smoking m*rijuana from a c*nnabis pipe was published in Britain’s News of the World on late Saturday, January 31.

Angelina Jolie’s Film Demands

Angelina Jolie, who replaced Tom Cruise in a new movie, is determined to have the film made her way or not at all.

Travis Barker Got Out of Crash Because of Divine Intervention

Travis Barker was screaming from intense pain after he and DJ AM survived the crash of a private plane Friday night.

Nicole Richie Was In Shock Over DJ AM

Nicole Richie “is in shock” after her ex fiance DJ AM and pal Travis Barker were critically injured in a jet crash upon takeoff from a Columbia, South Carolina, airport after midnight Friday.

Barack Obama: Rolling Stone Magazine Cover, Supported By Latino Stars

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has appeared in the cover of the iconic magazine Rolling Stone is an honor most celebrities hope to achieve just once in their career.