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Michael Jackson Planned To Star In Spider-Man Film

Michael Jackson had planned to star in a new Spider-Man movie before his death, the superhero’s creator has disclosed.

Kim Kardashian Hopes For ‘More Firm’ Famous Asset

Kim Kardashian, who arrives at the Launch Party for the New BlackBerry 8330 Pink Curve, is already in rigorous rehearsals for “Dancing with the Stars” and she hopes it will have a positive effect on her famous asset – buttocks.

Rihanna’s Sexy Stage Costumes

Rihanna, who is rumored to be dating R’n’B star Chris Brown, likes to wear her sexy stage outfits in the bedroom.

Hayden Panettiere Wears Bikini For Whales

Hayden Panettiere took a break from her busy schedule to fly all the way to Tiji, Japan to participate in Dave Rastovich’s annual Dolphin & Whale Cove Peaceful Demonstration.