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Ashley Tisdale Returned To North Hollywood, California

Ashley Tisdale returned to studio in North Hollywood, California on July 8.

Jessica Simpson Was Linked To Nicotine Gum Addiction

Jessica Simpson dismissed the online reports that she develop a nicotine gum addiction.

Princess Eugenie’s Saucy Pint

Princess Eugenie drank beer laced with ketchup for a bet.

Angelina Jolie’s Row With Brad Pitt Over Beer-Drinking Session

Angelina Jolie’s relationship with Brad Pitt has hit a rocky patch after the couple had an explosive row, it was claimed today.

Her Dad Fears Lindsay Lohan Is Drinking Again

Michale Lohan, who is the father of Lindsay Lohan, is believed to worry about his oldest daughter instead of celebrating his pre-engagement bliss.

Charlotte Church: Drinking Champion

Charlotte Church says nobody can drink her under the table.