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Kendra Wilkinson’s “Secret Deal” Revealed?

Kendra Wilkinson was rumored of making a secret deal of exposing her explicit tape.

Michael Jackson’s Glove Auction Off For $48,000

A glove worn by Michael Jackson on a tour in Australia has been auctioned off in Melbourne, purchased for $48,000 by the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, where it will be on display.

Lindsay Lohan’s Ex “Embarrassed” About Relationship

Handsome heir to the Hard Rock brand Harry Morton, who dated Lindsay Lohan for several months in 2006, wants so badly to shake off that time of his life that he’s now going so far as to deny their relationship ever happened in the first place!

Jennifer Aniston Denied Kimberly Stewart ‘Concert Ban’

Jennifer Aniston is laughing off the previous tabloid reports indicating that she had banned Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly from attending John Mayer’s recent London concert.

Jennifer Aniston Kicks Kimberly Stewart Out of VIP Area?

Jennifer Aniston had Kimberly Stewart removed from the VIP section at John Mayer’s gig in Hyde Park last week, according to a report.