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Daniel Radcliffe’s New Role Will Finally Free Him From “Harry Potter”

Daniel Radcliffe hopes that his new role in “The Woman In Black” will finally free him from being “Harry Potter.”

Daniel Radcliffe Apologizes To Fans Over 2010 Comic-Con

Daniel Radcliffe apologize to the fans who were upset after failing to attend the 2010 Comic Con.

Daniel Radcliffe Will Star In “The Woman In Black”

Daniel Radcliffe was definitely excited to be included “The Woman in Black” film.

Daniel Radcliffe Couldn’t Stop Playing Harry Potter Game

Daniel Radcliffe was reportedly obsessed with “Harry Potter” game.

Emma Watson Dated George Craig & How They Met

Emma Watson, who was spotted at 2010 Glastonbury Music Festival, was very open about her boyfriend George Craig.

Daniel Radcliffe Has Confusion With Justin Bieber

Daniel Radcliffe thought that Justin Bieber was female after hearing Canadian pop-R&B singer’s music.

Emma Watson Was Spotted With A Burberry Model

Emma Watson, who was wearing leopard-print and black trousers, was seen with George Craig in London.

Emma Watson’s Revealing Photos Put A Man In Jail

Emma Watson was furious with her online photographs after a man created and posted some digitally-altered n@ked snaps of her.

Daniel Radcliffe: “Harry Potter” Role Wasn’t His Favorite

Daniel Radcliffe said that playing “Harry Potter” wasn’t his favorite role when the famous sequel came to an end.

Emma Watson Revealed Her Romance

Emma Watson, who flaunted her new image as a rock girl, dished that she enjoyed being single.

Emma Watson Visited Universal Orlando Resort

Emma Watson, who joined her “Harry Potter co-stars, visited Universal Orlando Resort in Florida.

Emma Watson’s Music Video In NYC

Emma Watson, who previously hit the headlines with her fake sizzling photos, reportedly shoot a music video in New York City on May 17.

“Harry Potter” Co-Stars Reportedly Engaged

Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower, who are “Harry Potter” co-stars, became engaged last month after a brief romance.

Emma Watson Was Featured In Vanity Fair Magazine

Emma Watson, who was sporting a Chanel dress and necklace, was featured in Vanity Fair magazine.

Emma Watson Is Back On Filming “Deathly Hallows” Over Christmas Holidays

Emma Watson is going to spend most of her Christmas holidays filming “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” after she announced on her mini-site of returning from US to go back on film’s set.