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Justin Bieber Saved Mom After Hair Caught Flames

Justin Bieber honored his mother, who celebrated a birthday, with on-stage celebration.

Drunk Adam Lambert Was Kicked Out of Lady Gaga’s Birthday Party

Adam Lambert showed up beyond drunk at Lady Gaga’s surprise 25th birthday party on Sunday night.

Vanessa Hudgens Celebrates Birthday & Cause of Her Split With Zac Efron

Vanessa Hudgens, who wore Herve Leger bandage dress, celebrated her 22nd birthday in Las Vegas on December 18.

Miley Cyrus’ Wish For Her 18th Birthday

Miley Cyrus haven’t share her exact location for her 18th birthday on November 23 but she wished that her family will be together.

Demi Lovato’s Regrets Over Romance With Joe Jonas

Demi Lovato regrets telling the public about her romance with Joe Jonas after painful split just two months later.

Joe Jonas: Uncertain About His 21st Birthday Plans

Joe Jonas, who will celebrate his 21st birthday, was unsure about his plans for the big day.

Tiger Woods Missed Daughter’s Birthday & Broke Promises

Tiger Woods, who returned to playing golf again, sparked speculation that he missed daughter’s birthday and broke promises.

Suri Cruise’s Fourth Birthday Celebration

Suri Cruise celebrated her fourth birthday in Los Angeles with her friends. According to a report, the toddler got an amazing party, which includes cupcakes, treasure hunting and party guests stayed near the pool.

Kate Middleton’s Birthday Bash Plan Was Postponed

Kate Middleton finally got the chance to celebrate her birthday with her royal boyfriend Prince William yesterday after the prince missed her previous birthdays because of military commitments.

Taylor Lautner Splashed $50k On Birthday Gifts To Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner reportedly splashed out more than $50k on gifts for the singer’s 20th birthday on December 13.

Tiger Woods Was Sporting A Fat Lip, 3 Days After Car Accident

Tiger Woods met with Florida Highway Patrol troopers to receive his traffic ticket on December 1, three days after his car crash.

Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Reportedly Split Over Diet & Exercise

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner have reportedly split after three months of dating as a report suggested the cause of the split: diet and exercise.

Taylor Swift Celebrated Birthday With Christmas-Themed Bash

Taylor Swift turned 20 and reportedly celebrated her birthday with a Christmas-themed party at home.

Taylor Lautner’s Unusual Effect On Fans

Taylor Lautner has an unusual effect on his fans, which is they burst into tears after they meet him.

Jon & Kate Gosselin Shared Feud Over Twins’ Birthday

Kate Gosselin found a bright spot in the midst of the marriage problems — the 9th birthday of the her twins Cara and Mady.