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Lindsay Lohan Decided To Enter Rehab

Lindssay Lohan, who is possibly faced jail time, decided to enter rehab facility in next few days.

Lindsay Lohan’s New Mugshot

Lindsay Lohan has new mugshot after being sent to jail last Friday.

Lindsay Lohan’s Shopping Spree In West Hollywood

Lindsay Lohan was spotted arriving at opening ceremony in West Hollywood on August 29.

Lindsay Lohan Used Twitter & Taking On Paparazzi

Lindsay Lohan, who was released from rehab, is back on Twitter to take on paparazzi, who tracked her every step of the way.

Lindsay Lohan Was Denied Gym Access In Rehab

Lindsay Lohan,  who stayed at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric hospital, has not received access to use the gym.

Lindsay Lohan Was Cleared In Watch Theft Case

Lindsay Lohan was cleared over allegations of stealing a luxury watch, which reportedly belonged to one of her acquaintances.