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Angelina Jolie: “Breast Feeding Twins Is Very Hard”

Angelina Jolie, who made a tearful tribute to her mother, might be a supermom but she admitted that she struggled with breast feeding her twins at the same time.

Salma Hayek Is Breastfeeding Enthusiast

Salma Hayek, who previously laughed off lesbian confusion, admitted that she is addicted to breastfeeding.

Angelina Jolie’s Breastfeeding Photo Upsets Brad’s Parents

Angelina Jolie, who previously graced the cover of “W” magazine, was photographed by Brad Pitt in a series of arty black-and-white photos for the November issue of the fashion and culture magazine.

Angelina Jolie Talked Kids, Breastfeeding And New Film

Angelina Jolie, who had landed in New York earlier in the week, arrived with partner Brad Pitt in New York. She was spotted while walking the red carpet at the New York Film Festival for Saturday night’s premiere of her movie “Changeling.”

Jamie Lynn Spears Devastated By Photos

Jamie Lynn Spears, who hit the headlines after her pictures were stolen, has been left devastated by the theft of her breastfeeding photographs.

Jessica Alba Shows Her Pregnant Curves While Wearing A Bikini

Jessica Alba, who was spotted wearing a bikini in the pool, was planning an official reception and a possible giving birth to her first baby.