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Kate Middleton: Retail Shopping & Unfaithful Fears

Kate Middleton was spotted while shopping and doing some errands in London on July 21.

Sarah Ferguson Gave Marriage Advice To Kate Middleton

Sarah Ferguson provides marriage advice to Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton. The 49-year-old royal shared her point of view on how to make a royal marriage work.

Angelina Jolie Back To Brunette & In High-speed Stunt

After spending hours filming a daring stunt on top of a speeding truck most people would be ready to call it a day.

Kate Middleton’s Disco Dress For Charity Event

Kate Middleton, who wore short shorts and black boots, was the organizer of a charity roller disco. Her little disco dress up was for a worthy cause, which is a charity, set up in memory of an old school friend.

Kate Middleton’s Secret Working Life

Kate Middleton, who works a regular 9 to 5 job for five days a week, was compiling and editing catalogs for her parents’ mail order party accessory business, according to a source.