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Charlie Sheen Will Make Personal Announcement On “Today”

Charlie Sheen will talk to Matt Lautner on Tuesday morning to make the announcement.

Justin Bieber Thought Charlie Sheen Is Most Influential Person In The World

Justin Bieber still thinks Charlie Sheen is still winning.

Lindsay Lohan Is Saddened By Betty White’s Comments In A British Tabloid

Lindsay Lohan is saddened when Betty White slammed her on British tabloid, according to her friends.

Charlie Sheen Wants More Privileges In Jail

Charlie Sheen reportedly wants more privileges in jail after an insider dished the scoop that the actor would want to smoke behind bars.

Charlie Sheen Won’t Attend SAG Awards To Be With His Wife

Charlie Sheen reportedly planned not to attend Saturday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards to be with his wife Brooke Mueller, who was being treated with antibiotics for pneumonia in the intensive care unit of a Los Angeles hospital.

Brooke Mueller Was Rushed To ICU Because of Pneumonia & Kidney Infection

Brooke Mueller, who is the wife of Charlie Sheen, was reportedly rushed to the intensive care with 105-degree fever on January 19.

Charlie Sheen Wanted To Testify Via Phone For Temporary Restraining Order Hearing

Charlie Sheen is possible not to appear in person at a hearing to decide whether his wife Brooke Mueller’s temporary restraining order against him can be amended so that the couple can resume contact.

Charlie Sheen’s Court Hearing On Restraining Order Was Delayed

Charlie Sheen is going to wait for another week to know if he is allowed contact with his wife Broke Mueller after their court date relating to a protection order against the actor was delayed.

Charlie Sheen Reportedly Let Himself Down By Drinking

Charlie Sheen, who recently involved in a heated argument with his wife that led to his arrest, reportedly let himself down by drinking.

Charlie Sheen’s Kids Are Being Investigated By Child Welfare?

A report suggested that a child welfare service has decided to look into the safety of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s kids after a domestic violence between their parents occurred.

Charlie Sheen Threatened His Wife Using A Knife

Law enforcement sources revealed that Brooke Mueller was threatened by Charlie Sheen with a knife, according to what Brooke told the police.

Charlie Sheen’s Wife Reportedly Stopped Cooperating With The Police

Brooke Mueller, who is the wife of Charlie Sheen, as reportedly done talking to the cops about the incident, which landed her husband in jail, according to the law enforcement sources.

Charlie Sheen Was Released From Jail After Christmas Arrest

Charlie Sheen has bailed himself out of jail, which is contrary to reports that he will be held without bond after his Christmas arrest for domestic violence charges.

Charlie Sheen Seeks Meeting With Obama Over 9/11 ‘Cover-Up’

Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen wanted a meeting with President Obama to tackle his belief that September 11 terror attacks were perpetrated by the federal government.

Paris Hilton Continues Her Online Presidential Campaign

Paris Hilton is continuing her bid for the White House.