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Christian Bale Visits The Victims of Aurora Shooting Incident

Christian Bale visits the hospital, where victims of Aurora, Colorado shooting incident are being treated.

Christian Bale Is Finished Taking Batman Role

Christian Bale’s third appearance as Batman in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises will be his last.

Christian Bale Apologizes For Tirade

Welsh-born actor Christian Bale Friday publicly apologized for what he calls his “incredibly embarrassing meltdown” on the set of “Terminator: Salvation.”

Christian Bale Goes From Arrest To Red Carpet

A day after his arrest on assault allegations, Christian Bale turned out for the premiere of The Dark Night in Spain on Wednesday, meeting fans but avoiding questions from reporters.

Dark Knight Smashes Box Office Record On Opening Day

It is the most anticipated film to hit cinemas this summer, and the new Batman movie is living up to all expectations by setting a single-day box office record on its first 24 hours of release in the US.

Christian Bale: Heath Ledger Had “Wonderful Time” Playing The Joker

Christian Bale doesn’t believe for a second that playing the Joker made Heath Ledger depressed. In fact, he says that his “Dark Knight” co-star “couldn’t have been happier” in the role.