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Cristiano Ronaldo Was Shirtless In Commercial Shoot

Cristiano Ronaldo has posed shirtless while filming a commercial for a watch company this week.

Daniel Radcliffe Envies Cristiano Ronaldo’s Muscle

Daniel Radcliffe, who shot to fame because of “Harry Potter” films, was claimed to envy Cristiano Ronaldo‘s six-pack.

Cristiano Ronaldo On Dating Rumors With Paris Hilton

Playing it coy about him being snapped making out with Paris Hilton at MyHouse nightclub on June 11, Cristiano Ronaldo simply says they “had a great time talking.”

Prince William’s Roman Holiday

Prince William flew to Rome to watch the Champions League Final last night (27.05.09).

Paris Hilton ‘Tried To Snuggle’ With Cristiano Ronaldo

Paris Hilton attempted to seduce Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in a nightclub, according to the reports.