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Brad Pitt Won Guys Choice Award

Costars Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and director David Fincher are honored with the Discretionary Guy Movie Hall of Fame award for 1999’s Fight Club at Spike TV’s 2009 “Guys Choice” Awards held at LA’s Sony Studios on Saturday (May 30).

Brangelina Dazzle At Button Premiere In Tokyo

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt caused more fan frenzy as they arrived at the Tokyo premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Thursday.

Brad Pitt Will Marry Angelina Jolie If It’s Important To Kids

Brad Pitt told Ann Curry on Tuesday’s Today show that he will marry partner Angelina Jolie only if it is important to their kids.

Brad Pitt Enjoyed Privacy In New Orleans

Brad Pitt revealed that he loves living in New Orleans because it is the only place his “family can have a sense of privacy.”