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Diddy And Cassie Reunited After Supposed Domestic Violence Incident

Diddy and Cassie are back as a couple after the supposed incident of domestic violence.

Diddy’s Instagram Proposal To Cassie

Diddy makes a very simple proposal to his longtime girlfriend Cassie on Instagram.

Diddy And Cassie Were Stuck In Elevator

Sean “Diddy” Comb, who raced over to the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s New Year’s Eve bash, was stuck in an elevator for 25 minutes.

Diddy Offers To Pay For Model Hair’s Repair

Diddy offered to pay for the damage of the model, whose hair went up in flames at a party that held at The London hotel in New York.

Diddy Reacted On His Wedding Rumors

Diddy wanted people to be aware that he is starting 2010 the same way he did the year before as an unmarried man after sparking wedding rumors.

Sarah Palin Is A Distant Relative of Princess Diana

The Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is a distant relative of Princess Diana, experts claimed yesterday.

Was Cameron Diaz Currently Dating Diddy?

Cameron Diaz has sparked the rumors that she was currently dating Diddy after they were seen laughing and holding hands at Prince’s party and concert to showcase his new book ”21 Days” on May 30, 2008.