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Duchess of York Attended Family Wedding With Princess Beatrice & Princess Eugenie

Sarah Ferguson, who was the Duchess of York, was spotted while attending a family wedding on August 28.

Duchess of York Was ‘Drunk’ In Undercover Video

Sarah Ferguson admitted that she was drunk in undercover video when she was interviewed in “Oprah Winfrey Show.”

Sarah Ferguson Gave Marriage Advice To Kate Middleton

Sarah Ferguson provides marriage advice to Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton. The 49-year-old royal shared her point of view on how to make a royal marriage work.

Keira Knightley’s Pregnancy Wish To Prove She Is Not Anorexic

Keira Knightley appeared to be affected with the rumors that she is anorexic after she is considering getting pregnant to dispel the rumors.

Sarah Ferguson Presents Polo Prizes In Spain With Princess Eugenie & Princess Beatrice

Sarah Ferguson, who was the Duchess, was enjoying a little end-of-summer time with her daughters before they all go their own ways this autumn. Joining them was Beatrice’s American boyfriend Dave Clark.

Princess Beatrice’s Designer Clothes Plan

Princess Beatrice is set to have her own range of clothes designed for her by a world famous designer.