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Why Did Robert Pattinson Cut His Famous Hair?

Robert Pattinson was spotted with a new hair-cut, which was a a severe-looking crew cut.

Ellen DeGeneres’ “American Idol” Old Season Watch

Ellen DeGeneres, who was the latest American Idol judge, has been watching past season of the show so that she could prepare herslef for her new role.

Angelina Jolie’s Row With Brad Pitt Over Beer-Drinking Session

Angelina Jolie’s relationship with Brad Pitt has hit a rocky patch after the couple had an explosive row, it was claimed today.

Robert Pattinson’s Girl-Getting Secrets Revealed

Kellan Lutz says Robert Pattinson’s humility is the main key of his charm that leads many women to admire him.

Angelina Jolie Wanted TV Ad Is Banned, Arrested On Set

A television advert for the DVD release of Angelina Jolie’s film Wanted has been banned for “glorifying” gun use.

Zac Efron On Advice, Acting & Film Set

Want the inside scoop on the hunky High School Musical hottie? You got it! Zac waxes lyrical about college, shaving his head and the secret scenes filmed exclusively for the HSM3 DVD.

Kim Kardashian Talks Workout DVDs

Kim Kardashian, is currently taking one effort to be closer to her fans. She created a new series of workout DVDs called as “Fit in Your Jeans by Friday,” which she described as “fashion-forward fitness.”

Angelina Jolie Attended Kung Fu Panda DVD Release Party

Angelina Jolie, who was wearing a Ralph Lauren little black dress that flaunted her legs, attended the launch of the Kung Fu Panda DVD and the premiere of its companion adventure story, Secrets of the Furious Five.

Jennifer Lopez Invite Tom Cruise In Scientology

Jennifer Lopez wants to Tom Cruise to be godfather to her newborn twins.