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Tag Heuer Will Not Drop Tiger Woods But They Will ‘Downscale’ His Campaign

Watchmaker Tag Heuer clarified their position after reports claimed that Tiger Woods was axed as a “brand ambassador” because of the cheating scandal.

Mistress Thought Tiger Woods Got Married To Boost His Image

Tiger Woods reportedly told his mistress that he only got married to boost his public image.

Angelina Jolie’s Model Mother Image A PR Ruse?

Angelina Jolie’s recurring announcement that she plans to take early retirement from acting to spend more time with the kids is simply a distraction from the fact that she is largely an absent parent, it’s been claimed.

Rihanna ‘Wants to Rehabilitate Chris Brown’s Image’

Rihanna is determined to help Chris Brown become a “better person”, according to a new report.

Paris Hilton Slams John Mccain Over Political Advertisement

Paris Hilton has hit out at Republican presidential candidate John McCain after he used her image in a political advertisement to attack Barack Obama without her authorisation.

Emma Watson & Tom Ducker Split

Emma Watson has broken up with her rugby hunk boyfriend Tom Ducker.