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David Beckham And Son Have A Car Accident

David Beckham has a car accident with his son on Saturday in England.

David Beckham’s Approval In L.A. Victory

David Beckham flaunts his great shape when he was spotted shirtless on Saturday.

David Beckham Enjoys Meeting With President Barack Obama

David Beckham is sporting mustache and beard, which is criticized by Barack Obama.

David Beckham Smiles While He Carries An Olympic Torch

David Beckham becomes a Olympic torch bearer for his native England.

Why David Beckham Decides To Re-Sign With L.A. Galaxy?

David Beckham reportedly re-signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy, according to the general manager and head coach Bruce Arenas.

David Beckham’s H&M Underwear Advertisements

David Beckham posed while wearing his underwear in these new Bodywear collection ads for H&M.

David And Victoria Beckham’s Anger After Christmas Card Was Leaked Online

David and Victoria Beckham were angry when a Christmas card, which showed their 4 kids semi-clad, was leaked online.

Did The Beckhams Moan About Being In “Cheap Seats” At Duchess Kate and Prince William’s Royal Wedding?

David and Victoria Beckham were claimed to moan about sitting at the back of Westminster Abbey, according to Queen’s cousin.

David Beckham Visited Prince Harry At His Hotel In Beverly Hills

David Beckham visited Prince Harry at his Beverly Hills hotel.

David Beckham And Victoria Beckham Take Baby Daughter To Get Passport

David Beckham carries daughter Harper when he and wife Victoria left the Wilshire Federal Building in Los Angeles.

David Beckham Rode Motorbicycle To Meet President Obama

David Beckham, who was sporting a shirt and tie, was riding motorbike just to meet President Obama.

David Beckham Told Sons To Chaperon Sister When She Grows Up

David Beckham told his three sons to chaperon their sister when she starts dating.

David And Victoria Beckham Made £1,000 Casts of Harper’s Hands And Feet

David and Victoria Beckham are having gold casts made of their baby Harper’s hands and feet.

Victoria Beckham’s Excess Baby Gifts Will Be Donated To Charity Shop

Victoria Beckham has been given with freebies so she has to give away thousands of goods to charity.

David Beckham Debuts His Daughter’s Photo In Facebook

David Beckham introduced his new baby daughter, Harper Seven Beckham in Facebook on Sunday.