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David Letterman Apologized To Lindsay Lohan After Being Duped

David Letterman admitted that he was duped into believing Lindsay Lohan was going to do tomorrow’s “Top Ten” list.

Salma Hayek Opened Up About Her Taste of Unique Dish

Salma Hayek was on David Letterman Monday night, and opened up about her life of six-legged snacks as prepared in her native Mexico.

David Letterman’s Alleged Extortionist Asked To Dismiss The Extortion Charge

TV producer Robert “Joe” Halderman, who was accused of trying to shake down David Letterman for $2 million, asked a New York judge to dismiss the extortion charge.

David Letterman Moved Out of His Family Home

David Letterman has moved out of his family home after he failed to reconcile things with his outraged wife Regina.

David Letterman’s Former Writer Quit Show Because of Sexual Favoritism

A former writer for David Letterman quit the show because she was uncomfortable working in an environment rife with sexual favoritism.

David Letterman’s Controversy Rocked By Sexy Footage Speculation

David Letterman’s scandal lead to more shocking details as it was rocked by sex tape reports, which showed him with a female staff member.

David Letterman’s Stupid Trick On Wife In Caribbean

David Letterman bought Stephanie Birkett, a female staffer that he slept with, on Caribbean vacations with his wife and son.

Blackmailer Thought David Letterman Bedded 6 or 7 Staffers

A pal revealed that Robert Halderman, who was accused of blackmailing, believed David Letterman seduced the young “Late Show” staffers by plying them with perks.

David Letterman’s Controversy Triggered $300M Divorce

David Letterman’s sex scandal triggered $300 million divorce from his wife Regina, according to sources.

David Letterman Made A Public Apology To His Wife

David Letterman, who was involved in a scandal, made a public apology to his wife Regina Lasko in his talk show taping Monday afternoon.

David Letterman’s Lover Was Named & She Was A Regular On The Show

David Letterman’s lover was named as a blonde former intern who lived with the man who allegedly blackmailed the talk show host.