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Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Were Still Together In Midst of Split Reports

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom appeared to be going strong despite the split reports.

Katy Perry Supports Planned Parenthood Organization

Katy Perry supports the Planned Parenthood and revealed how the organization influenced her life.

Katy Perry Shares Her ‘Hillary Clinton’ Look On Instagram

Katy Perry chooses to dress as the US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her Halloween party.

Katy Perry’s Condition Before She Collaborates With Taylor Swift

Katy Perry had an interesting revelation when she was asked if she would be willing to record a song with Taylor Swift during a Twitter Q&A on September 10.

Katy Perry Successfully Sold Her House That She Shared With Russell Brand

Katy Perry successfully sold her house, which she shared with former husband Russell Brand.

Katy Perry’s Disneyland Trip After Being Dumped By John Mayer

Katy Perry revealed that she has a promised happiness to herself after taking a trip to Disneyland on Saturday.

Did Katy Perry Accept To Be The Judge of “American Idol”?

Katy Perry is not interested to be the judge of “American Idol” after turning down its $20 million offer.

Katy Perry Wants To Retain Her Original Name And Her Earnings

Katy Perry is making sure that she will retain her maiden name and keeping all her earnings during her marriage to Russell Brand.

Katy Perry Is Prepared To Move On At Pre-Game Super Bowl Performance

Katy Perry shares that everything feels brand new, which seems a clue that she is prepared to move on after her split from Russell Brand, during the pre-game Super Bowl gig.

Katy Perry Sparks 3D Film Speculations

Katy Perry seems to copy Justin Bieber in making a documentary-style 3D film.

Katy Perry Became A Part of “The Sims 3: Showtime” Game

Katy Perry has signed up with “The Sims,” a game where anyone could control characters in different real-life situations.

Katy Perry Was Honored In Five Categories At People’s Choice Awards

Although Katy Perry didn’t appear at Wednesday’s 38th annual People’s Choice Awards, she was the big winner of the night.

Will Russell Brand Or Katy Perry Move Out of Their Hollywood Mansion?

Rusell Brand will move out of $6.5 million Hollywood Hills mansion and Katy will stay in, according to their agreement.

Russell Brand Filed For Divorce From Katy Perry In Los Angeles

Russell Brand filed the documents in Los Angeles on Friday in Los Angeles after being married for one year.

Katy Perry And Russell Brand Spent Christmas Apart After Holiday Argument

Katy Perry and husband Russell Brand spent Christmas 7,000 miles apart after having a huge row.