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Leslie Jones’ Photo Hacking Joke At Emmy Awards

Leslie Jones made fun of her sizzling picture hacking at the Emmy Awards.

Amanda Seyfreid And Thomas Sadoski Are Engaged

Amanda Seyfried recently engaged to her boyfriend, Thomas Sadoski, according to the representative for the couple.

Why Did Brooklyn Beckham And Chloe Grace Moretz Break-up?

Brooklyn Beckham ended a romance with Chloe Moretz because the actress was believed to be too clingy, according to a report.

Diddy And Cassie Reunited After Supposed Domestic Violence Incident

Diddy and Cassie are back as a couple after the supposed incident of domestic violence.

Naya Rivera’s Glee Days Confession

Naya Rivera admitted something in her new memoir “Sorry Not Sorry,” which will be released on September 13.

Nick Cannon Goes Back To School As A Freshman of Howard University

Nick Cannon planned to be a full-time student at Howard University and he was included in the class of 2020.

Noah And Tish Cyrus Are Being Sued Over Jeep’s Accident

Noah Cyrus is being sued because she allegedly texted behind the wheel and collided with the back of another vehicle, according to a lawsuit.

How Will Amber Heard Spend Money From Her Johnny Depp’s Divorce Settlement

Amber Heard is donating the money that she will get from her divorce settlement to two charities.

Ellen DeGeneres Responds To Racism Issue From Usain Bolt’s Meme

Ellen DeGeneres responded after being accused of racism when a photoshopped meme of herself and Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt had surfaced.

Sofia Vergara’s Launching of Tempting Fragrance

Sofia Vergara was spotted in her tight-fitting black dress on the carpet at Beautycon on July 8 at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, California.

Jamie Foxx Is Reportedly Going Out With Katie Holmes

Jamie Foxx is reportedly dating with Katie Holmes, according to Claudia Jordan.

Calvin Harris Stayed With Friends After Splitting From Taylor Swift

Calvin Harris reportedly ate with his friends at a restaurant in Los Angeles after splitting from Taylor Swift.

Amber Heard Is Too Thin For Her “Justice League” Costume

Production crew thought that Amber Heard was too thin so she never went to London for costume fitting this week.

Amber Heard Asked Police To Delete Her Records Before She Dated Johnny Depp

Amber Heard wanted the police to erase all traces of the domestic violence just weeks before she was dating Johnny Depp.

Witnesses Claim No Facial Bruise On Amber Heard’s Face

Two staffs in the building, where Amber Heard and Johnn Depp lived, claim that they did not see any bruises on the actress’ face days after the iPhone attack.