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Sienna Miller Went To Court Over Paparazzi

British actress Sienna Miller’s life has been made intolerable because of a “campaign of harassment” by photographers, her lawyer told London’s High Court on Thursday.

Balthazar Getty’s Wife: “Humiliated” With Sienna Miller’s Affair

Sienna Miller’s steamy affair and much of her body has been exposed now that the barely clad actress has been spotted kissing married Balthazar Getty in a boat off the Amalfi coast.

Sienna Miller Flashed Her Revealing Lacy Bra

Sienna Miller, who is wearing a plunging cheesecloth dress, revealed more than expected during the filming of “Hippie Hippie Shake.”

Kate Moss Slams Sienna Miller For Stealing Her Style

Kate Moss got into a row with Sienna Miller at the weekend, after accusing the actress of copying her style.

Sienna Miller Is Upset As Her Revealing Photos Leak In The Internet

Sienna Miller is not happy with the attention from her nude scenes in a latest film “Hippy Hippy Shake.”

Sienna Miller Gets More Daring For New Hippie Film

Sienna Miller has been caught n@ked in the woods for her new role in her film.

Sienna Miller’s Beach Strip

Sienna Miller, who has former lovers like Jude law and Daniel Craig, looked hot as she strips on a holiday beach.

Sienna Miller Hides Tears From A Love Story

Sienna Miller, the star of the film “Factory Girl”, had to hide under a blanket during a recent flight back to Britain from Rome so that her fellow passengers would not catch her sobbing.