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Is Rihanna Having A Tough Time In Selling Concert Tickets?

Rihanna is reportedly having a tough time selling concert tickets like she did last year.

Justin Bieber: Helping Kids Means A Lot

Justin Bieber started his weekend at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, Georgia on August 6.

Zac Efron Surprises Young Baseball Players In Georgia

Zac Efron surprises the young baseball players in Atlanta, Georgia when he was involved in a game.

Lady GaGa Reportedly Defends Adam Lambert From Homophobe

Lady GaGa, who was partying with friends at Ottawa club Barrymore, encountered a homophobe, who criticized her for being friends with openly gay American Idol star Adam Lambert.

Janet Jackson On Protecting Her Family From Rumors

Janet Jackson shared on Atlanta radio station Q100 on Tuesday that it gets painful when tabloid rumors surrounds her nieces and nephews. She found it hard to shield her family from the rumors.

More Details On Josh Duhamel’s Alleged Fling

Nicola Forrester, the Atlanta stripper who has alleged fling with Josh Duhamel, revealed on Atlanta’s Q100-FM that they “had lots of s*x” at the $830-a-night St. Regis hotel after he came into the Tattletale club where she works.

Rapper Shot Dead At LA Shopping Mall

Up-and-coming rap artist Dolla has been shot dead outside a landmark Los Angeles shopping mall, friends and family of the slain musician say.

David Archuleta’s Zero Gravity & Gift Shop Tour

David Archuleta sings soulfully into the microphone at his concert in Richmond, Va.