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Robert Pattinson Thanked Fans For 2 Teen Choice Awards

Robert Pattinson thanked all his fans when he accepted his Best Dressed Award & Best Actor Award at BBC 1 Teen Choice awards.

Chris Evans’ Forced Apology Over George Michael’s BBC Radio Swearing

Chris Evans was forced to make an apology to his listeners on BBC Radio 2 after his guest George Michael swore during his show.

Prince William’s ‘Wed’ Film By BBC

The BBC is already making a documentary on Prince William and Kate Middleton — ready for when they get engaged.

Prince William’s Charity Evening

Prince William has attended an evening of music and food to mark the end of his year as patron of a charity appeal.

Jonathan Ross Criticized For ‘Unrepentant’ Attitude

Jonathan Ross, who is a British television presenter, has been accused of appearing “unrepentant” for his part in the BBC prank phone calls row.

Dame Edna Everage Set Her New 2008 Tour Dates

Dame Edna Everage is a purple hair character played by Australian comedian Barry Humphries.

Jonas Brothers Meet Fans In London, Dig At Russel Brand

The Jonas Brothers are in London for the premiere of their film Camp Rock. They posed with their fans and signed autographs for them while leaving BBC Radio 1 on Tuesday, September 9. Also in the day, the trio took a dig at Russel Brand’s relative anonymity in the US.

Annie Leibovitz: Queen Is ‘Cranky’ After BBC Photo Shoot

Annie Leibovitz, who is a photographer, has revealed some details on her infamous photoshoot with the Queen, describing the monarch as “a bit cranky”.