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Casey Johnson’s Family Dismissed Reports She Has Been Buried

The family of Casey Johnson denied a report that the baby-oil heiress has been buried on family property in New Jersey.

Jamie Lynn Spears Told Pregnancy Through A Note

Lynne Spears, who hit the headlines with her tell-all book, was on “The Today Show” spilling more details about Jamie Lynne getting pregnant at 16 and her pregnancy announcement.

After Affair Allegations To Fiance, Jamie Lynn Spears Goes Home To Mom

Jamie Lynn Spears who was spotted with baby daughter Maddie Briann as she ventured out in public for the first time following allegations her fiancé had cheated on her.

Teen Mother Jamie Lynn Spears Welcomes A Daughter

Jamie Lynn Spears is officially a mom after her baby shower last May, according to a report.

Jamie Lynn Spears Treats Casey Aldridge

There have been reports that Casey Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears were set to tie a knot but that her mom Lynne Spears nixed idea and laid down some pretty strict rules on when the young couple could even see each other.