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Ashton Kutcher Slammed Cheating Claims

Ashton Kutcher used Twitter to slam the Star Magazine over allegations that he cheated on wife Demi Moore.

Kate Middleton: Retail Shopping & Unfaithful Fears

Kate Middleton was spotted while shopping and doing some errands in London on July 21.

Tiger Woods Reportedly Checked Into A Rehab In Arizona

Tiger Woods, who hit the headlines with his numerous affairs, has reportedly checked into a private, upscale rehabilitation facility in Arizona.

Josh Duhamel Was Rumored To Be Cheating On His Wife Fergie

Transformers star Josh Duhamel reportedly cheated on his wife Fergie as he secretly shared a fling with a blonde stripper.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Fiance Denies Cheating Claims

Casey Aldridge, who is Jamie Lynn Spears’ fiancé and baby daddy,has slammed reports that he cheated on the “Zoey 101” star when she was pregnant with their child.

Jamie Lynn Spears Felt Cheated By Casey Aldridge?

There are a lot of rumors have circulated that Casey Aldridge has cheated on Jamie Lynn, which was not confirmed by anybody until another woman Kelli Dawson came forward to reveal something.

Carrie Underwood Admitted Voting For Herself On Grammy, Shared Advised For “Idol” Contenders

Carrie Underwood picked up a Grammy Sunday night for her single, “Before He Cheats,” and she revealed she had a hand in her win.