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Lindsay Lohan Posed For Maxim Magazine

Lindsay Lohan has posed for sizzling photo shoot for Maxim magazine.

Lindsay Lohan Wasn’t Enjoying Perks In Jail

Dina Lohan slammed the reports that the 24-year-old actress is enjoying any perks behind bars.

Lindsay Lohan Talked With Her Lawyer In Jail

Lindsay Lohan talked to her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for five hours in jail on Saturday.

Lindsay Lohan Looked Calm & Stunning When She Started Jail Sentence

Lindsay Lohan was described to be calm and stunning by a source inside the jail.

Lindsay Lohan’s Explicit Manicure Was A Joke

Lindsay Lohan hit the headlines after she was snapped with a manicure, which showed “F— U.”

Lindsay Lohan Was Crying Over Jail Sentence

Lindsay Lohan was crying over jail sentence after a lengthy hearing on Tuesday.

Emma Watson’s Revealing Photos Put A Man In Jail

Emma Watson was furious with her online photographs after a man created and posted some digitally-altered n@ked snaps of her.

Charlie Sheen Wants More Privileges In Jail

Charlie Sheen reportedly wants more privileges in jail after an insider dished the scoop that the actor would want to smoke behind bars.

Charlie Sheen’s Kids Are Being Investigated By Child Welfare?

A report suggested that a child welfare service has decided to look into the safety of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s kids after a domestic violence between their parents occurred.

Charlie Sheen Was Released From Jail After Christmas Arrest

Charlie Sheen has bailed himself out of jail, which is contrary to reports that he will be held without bond after his Christmas arrest for domestic violence charges.

Britney Spears Felt Life Is Worse Than Jail

In her most extensive comments since her breakdown last year, Britney Spears revealed that her life has been worse than a jail sentence, but that she’s slowly healing, one day at a time.