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Jay-Z Cuts Kanye West’s Acceptance Speech

Jay-Z cuts Kanye West’s acceptance speech when they went to stage for BET Awards last night.

Reason Why Kanye West Stops His Dublin Concert

Kanye West stops a concert in Dublin, Ireland on Friday.

Beyonce Knowles And Jay-Z Show Their Daughter’s Photograph

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z share the photographs of their daughter to the public.

Jay-Z Concentrates More In Watching Super Bowl

Jay-Z decides to keep himself away from Beyonce and Blue Ivy just to watch the Giants win the Super Bowl at 40/40 Club on Sunday.

Beyonce Knowles’ Baby Is Absolutely Gorgeous

Blue Ivy Carter, who is Beyonce’s first child with Jay-Z, is absolutely gorgeous, according to Michelle Williams.

Why Beyonce Knowles And Jay-Z Name Their Daughter Blue Ivy Carter?

Beyonce Knowles recently welcome a baby girl in New York City on Saturday night but why did she and Jay-Z named their baby Blue Ivy?

Jay-Z Gave Beyonce Knowles £225,000 Worth of Hermès Items For Christmas

Jay-Z gave his wife Beyonce Knowles with Birkin bags and gifts from the luxury French retailer Hermès for Christmas.

Jay-Z Reportedly Took 50 Rooms of Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Jay-Z reportedly took 50 rooms of Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for his entourage and for personal security.

Beyonce Knowles Bought Jay-Z A Bugatti Worth £1.3 Million

Beyonce Knowles gave a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport as a birthday gift to her husband Jay-Z.

Rihanna Launches New Company After Joining Jay-Z

Rihanna launches a new company Rihanna Entertainment, containing music, film, fragrance, fashion and book ventures.

Rihanna Left A Hotel In Dublin

Rihanna was seen while leaving a hotel in Dublin on May 22.

Jay-Z Defends Kanye West’s VMA Diss

Rapper Jay-Z defended Kanye West after the hip-hop musician caused controversy at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday for dissing Taylor Swift.

Jay-Z Responds To 9/11 Benefit Concert Call

Rapper Jay-Z performed to a SRO crowd in Madison Square Garden on Friday night (September 11) in the memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in the Twin Towers.

Rihanna’s Daring Tuxedo Revealed Sequinned Nipple Petals

Rihanna arrived for Independence Day celebrations over the weekend flashing daring silver sequinned nipple petals from beneath her gaping tuxedo jacket.

Rihanna Rumored To Record New Music With Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Drake are some musicians said to help Rihanna in cooking up new songs for her upcoming album.