New Claims of Princess Diana Book

A new book, which is about late Princess Diana, claims she married Prince Charles for his title. The book also claimed that Princess Diana lied about throwing herself down the stairs when she was pregnant.


Her friend, the New Yorker editor Tina Brown, has written the book, which coincides with the tenth anniversary of the princess’ death in a Paris, France car crash in August 1997.

Among other claims, Tina Brown alleges Princess Diana and Prince Charles had sex on the royal train before they married and Prince Charles only cheated on the princess after her eating disorders and hysteria became too much to endure.

Other friends of the Princess have denied the claims in the book, which will be released on June 12 in the US and UK.

Prince Charles Triggered The Split of Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Prince William had a split with his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton because Prince Charles pushed him to end his relationship with her unless he was prepared to marry her.


According to the report, Kate Middleton, 25, briefly visited her office in Kew, southwest London, a few days after the recent split with Prince William.

A colleague, Philip Higgs, 23, who was present on the occasion, revealed, “She had about 10 people asking if she was all right and I think she just lost her rag. She said ‘It’s because of his daddy’. Everyone raised their eyebrows but didn’t want to push her. Normally, Kate doesn’t talk about anything. She’s very quiet. But it was as if she’d reached boiling point from one sympathetic question too many.”

Kate Middleton has returned to work after having taken some time off following her split with Prince William.

Prince Charles Won’t Attend Tribute Concert For Princess Diana?

A spokesman for the royal revealed that the Prince of Wales would not attend the concert marking 10 years since the death of his former wife, Princess Diana.


The concert on July 1 at London’s new Wembley Stadium will mark performances by Elton John, Status Quo, Rod Stewart, U.S. rapper Kanye West, James Morrison, Natasha Bedingfield and Lily Allen.

The spokesman of Prince Charles revealed, “The concert is really for the younger generation to enjoy.” The spokesman confirmed that neither Charles nor his second wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, would attend.

The spokesman added, “There will be a memorial service for Diana on August 31, which will be an event for all generations of the Windsors to come together.”

Prince of Wales Visits Duchess of Cornwall In Hospital

Prince Charles visited Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, in hospital after her operation. The Prince of Wales went to the hospital last Monday to visit his wife. His wife was admitted on Sunday evening for hysterectomy operation.

A spokesman for Clarence House reveals that the Duchess was “recovering well”. The Duchess of Cornwall, 59, is expected to stay in hospital for four days and she would recover at home for six weeks. The visitors include Laura Lopez, the daughter of the Duchess.