Sir Paul McCartney Upstages Paris Hilton

A gig of Sir Paul McCartney on the same street overshadowed the first interview of Paris Hilton since her release from jail.


Paris Hilton served 23 days of a 45-day sentence after being found guilty of violating her probation from a drink-driving arrest last year.

The “Stars Are Blind” singer was interviewed on Cnn’s Larry King Live last Wednesday. But unlike the majority of interviews, her one-on-one with King was pre-recorded because of a nearby concert featuring McCartney.

The former Beatle performed a special in-store gig on Wednesday at Sunset Boulevard record store Amoeba Music – the same street as the Cnn building. And the large crowds eager to see the music legend meant Hilton’s interview was filmed earlier, reports Access Hollywood.

Simon Cowell Soars Up in The Britain’s Rich List

Simon Cowell, the “American Idol” judge, has increased his rank in the Britain’s Rich List after amassing a $200 million fortune.


Simon is currently the 700th richest person in Britain, shooting up an incredible 244 places from 944th in the annual poll conducted by Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper.

The “American Idol” judge increased his assets by 80 million dollars in the past 12 months, almost doubling his bank balance, due to the success of the U.S. television talent show and several hit programs made by his U.K. production company SYCO, including “X Factor.” He also signed a staggering $40 million deal with British TV network ITV.

An industry source revealed, “Simon Cowell is the man with the Midas touch. Not only for him but for ITV, too. He’s simply the hottest and most important showbiz talent around right now.”
Simon, 46, has now superseded singer Robbie Williams, whom Simon recently told to “get a grip” when the singer entered rehab for addiction to painkillers.

The troubled star only increased his wealth last year by $10 million to $190 million after his album “Rudebox” flopped.

Sir Paul McCartney, who recently hit the headlines with divorce, is the richest man in pop with $1.5 billion, which secured him in 102nd place of the list.

Lakshmi Mittal, a steel tycoon, holds the number one spot, 56, who has amassed an amazing $38 billion.

An Intruder Breaks Into McCartney’s Home

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It was a good thing that Sir Paul McCartney, 64-year-old former Beatle, was not at home when an intruder tried to break into his British mansion last Friday. He was having lunch locally with friends when the terrifying incident happened.

The man drove into Sir Paul’s Peasmarsh estate, in Sussex. It was reported that the intruder was screaming, “I must get to him.” Security guards tried to stop the man reaching Paul’s home by activating an emergency gate, but it was only after he had managed to get within yards of Paul’s house.

A source revealed, “It was terrifying. This guy put the fear of God into everyone because they thought he wanted to kill Paul. This was the most frightening incident they’ve ever had at Peasmarsh.” The source added, “Everyone was terrified that the guy could turn nasty. No one knew if he was armed.”

The intruder, who fled on the scene, was arrested after a three-mile chase. He has detained under the Mental Health Act in a local psychiatric hospital. He is not facing criminal charges.

A police spokesman revealed, “We received a call from a security officer at Peasmarsh and later arrested a man at his home address. He was initially arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and failing to stop when challenged by police.”

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills McCartney Got Together For Divorce Hearing

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills McCartney are very busy with their current divorce case. The celebrity couple attended a hearing with their legal teams on Wednesday. Sir Paul, a former Beatle and singer was accompanied by his legal counsel Fiona Shackleton, while Heather Mills, a model turned anti-land mine campaigner, attended with her solicitor Anthony Julius, who won a £17 million divorce settlement for Princess Diana.

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