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Daniel Radcliffe Discusses Gay Scenes In New Film

Daniel Radcliffe talks about his man-on-man moves in the forthcoming film “Kill Your Darlings”.

Daniel Radcliffe And Emma Watson Negotiate For Possible New Roles

Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are negotiating to star new films as two classic characters.

Daniel Radcliffe Places His Superbowl Bet On The Giants

Daniel Radcliffe places his bet for the upcoming Super Bowl event with Ellen DeGeneres.

Daniel Radcliffe Covers Esquire Magazine March 2012

Daniel Radcliffe covers Esquire magazine as he talks about being serial monogamist, his idea of a perfect date, etc.

Daniel Radcliffe Will Star In A Film With Elizabeth Olsen

Daniel Radcliffe will be starring in a flick, “Kill Your Darlings,” with Elizabeth Olsen.

Daniel Radcliffe’s “The Woman In Black” Premiere In Munich

Daniel Radcliffe attended the premiere of his new film “The Woman In Black” at Hotel Bayerischer Hof on January 19 in Munich, Germany.

Daniel Radcliffe’s “Saturday Night Live” Hosting

Daniel Radcliffe is going to host Saturday Night Live next month.

Daniel Radcliffe Received A Deadline From His Girlfriend

Girlfriend Rosie Coker gave Daniel Radcliffe a deadline of two years to be like a fully-functioning human being around the house.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Weirdness And Oddness Advice

Daniel Radcliffe, who was interviewed by MTV news, talked about what he’s discovered in his acting abilities.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter Behind The Scenes With Dumbledore

Daniel Radcliffe looked admiringly at co-star Michael Gambon in new behind the scenes video, “Dumbledore and Harry: A Look Back.”

Daniel Radcliffe Accepts Ultimate Scream Award

Daniel Radcliffe won the Ultimate Scream Award on October 15.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Mystery Brunette Lady Is His Girlfriend

Daniel Radcliffe was recently spotted holding hands with a brunette in New York sidewalk.

Daniel Radcliffe Was Spotted Holding Hands With A Brunette

Daniel Radcliffe held hands with a mystery brunette while walking on August 17 in New York City.

Daniel Radcliffe Confessed About His Mystery Girlfriend

Daniel Radcliffe admitted that he has been dating for the past eight months but he refused to name who it is.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Alcohol Battle

Daniel Radcliffe became so reliant on alcohol to enjoy stuff, which started at the age of 18.