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Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Celebrated Father’s Day In The Absence of Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise celebrated the Father’s Day and Tom Cruise was not there.

Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Share A Laugh In New York

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are spotted while sharing a laugh in New York City.

Suri Cruise Went To Art Museum In New York After Disney World Trip

Suri Cruise bonds with Katie Holmes when they went to art museum in New York.

Suri Cruise Experiences Cab Ride After Parents’ Split

Suri Cruise looks a little worried while climbing a New York cab with her mom Katie Holmes.

Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Visit NY And Spend Time Together

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are spotted while having fun together on May 21 in New York City.

Tom Cruise Praised Suri’s Fashion Sense After Saying His Daughter Will Be A Future Fashionista

Tom Cruise, who attended “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol” premiere in NYC, dished that his wife has Suri create things and sew and stuff like that.

Katie Holmes Dished Suri Cruise’s Birthday Party Plans

Katie Holmes revealed that Suri’s birthday is her favorite day of the year and they are going to throw a little tea party.

Suri Cruise Was Spotted While Testing Lipstick Colors In Vancouver

Suri Cruise was busy shopping on February 2 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Suri Cruise Didn’t Like Traveling

Suri Cruise, who is the daughter of Katie and Tom, didn’t like traveling after several trips to other countries severely disrupted her routine.

Katie Holmes Allows Suri Cruise To Design Her Own Clothes

Katie Holmes is proud that her adorable daughter Suri likes to design her own clothes.

Katie Holmes’ Hot Pants While Shopping In Toronto

Katie Holmes, who was wearing a casual shirt, hot pants and high heels, was seen shopping in Toronto with her daughter Suri Cruise.

Suri Cruise’s Fourth Birthday Celebration

Suri Cruise celebrated her fourth birthday in Los Angeles with her friends. According to a report, the toddler got an amazing party, which includes cupcakes, treasure hunting and party guests stayed near the pool.

Katie Holmes’ Reason Why Suri Wears High Heels

Katie Holmes did not find anything wrong if her 3-year-old daughter wears a pair of high heels as she dished that Suri loves her high heels.

Katie Holmes’ $25, 000 Shopping Spree On Suri’s Clothes

Katie Holmes splashed $25,000 a month on Suri’s clothes as the actress is reportedly determined to make her child the “most fashionable kid in Hollywood.”

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes & Suri Had Pumpkin Picking

The Cruise family seemed to be busy with Halloween spirit as Tom, Katie and Suri went pumpkin picking.