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Yankees Cleared Lady Gaga’s Ban Rumor

Lady Gaga, who was dressed in underwear, fishnets and a loose jersey, was not banned from the clubhouse at Yankees Stadium.

Michael Jackson’s Father Banned From Beer Festival

Joe Jackson, who was the father of the King of Pop, has reportedly been banned banned from a German beer festival because he should not be partying after his child died.

Princess Eugenie’s Saucy Pint

Princess Eugenie drank beer laced with ketchup for a bet.

Angelina Jolie’s Row With Brad Pitt Over Beer-Drinking Session

Angelina Jolie’s relationship with Brad Pitt has hit a rocky patch after the couple had an explosive row, it was claimed today.

Prince Harry’s Housepipe Beer Drinking

Prince Harry was spotted as he downed beer through a hosepipe in a final bender before quitting booze for a year.

Prince Harry’s Beer Challenge

Prince Harry, who previously revealed his Christmas plan, is going to face a tough challenge — a year without drinking beer.

Princess Beatrice Was Asked For An ID In Posh Nightclub

Princess Beatrice was asked to show proof of her age when she visited a posh nightclub.