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Pippa Middleton’s Second Wedding Dress For Reception Party

Pippa Middleton changed her dress into another gown for the post-reception party just like her sister Duchess Catherine.

Kate Middleton Is Learning Ropes of Royalty Including Buckingham Palace Tour & Meeting Officials

Kate Middleton, who is willing to learn the ropes of royalty, has been touring the Buckingham Palace this week, receiving sense of geography and meeting senior officials.

Prince Harry Is Linked To A Rock Singer

Prince Harry, who split from girlfriend Chelsy Davy, is linked to Camilla Romestrand, who is the lead singer of “Eddie The Gun”.

Kate Middleton’s Birthday Bash Plan Was Postponed

Kate Middleton finally got the chance to celebrate her birthday with her royal boyfriend Prince William yesterday after the prince missed her previous birthdays because of military commitments.

Princess Eugenie Hits Boujis Nightclub Until 4am

Princess Eugenie managed to combine a day of royal duties with her busy social schedule.

Will Prince William Become King Before Prince Charles?

Britain’s Prince William has reportedly declared the prospect of him becoming the King of England before his father Prince Charles “ridiculous and silly”.

Prince William’s RAF Decision Means Royal Marriage Soon Or Not At All

The decision of Prince William to spend the next five years as a full-time RAF helicopter search and rescue pilot appears that he and Kate Middleton will either marry soon, or not marrying at all.

Annie Leibovitz: Queen Is ‘Cranky’ After BBC Photo Shoot

Annie Leibovitz, who is a photographer, has revealed some details on her infamous photoshoot with the Queen, describing the monarch as “a bit cranky”.

Prince William’s “Umbrella” Charity Role

The Queen, who expressed her concerns that Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton does not have a job, is reportedly worried of her 26-year-old grandson’s job status.

Kate Middleton & Chelsy Davy Receive Birthday Invite

Kate Middleton and Chelsy Davy are set to attend Britain’s Prince Charles’ 60th birthday celebrations later this year.