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Angelina Jolie: Emotional Over Why She Wouldn’t Say No To Adopting More Kids

She may already have six children, but Angelina Jolie says she and partner Brad Pitt would ‘never say no’ to adopting more.

Kris Allen & Adam Lambert Were Spotted In CNN Studios

American Idol 8 winner Kris Allen and runner-up Adam Lambert rock some shades as they leave the CNN studios after appearing on Larry King Live on Friday (May 22).

Final Debate of McCain And Obama

Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama face off in their final debate on Wednesday, as McCain hopes for a strong performance to change a White House race that could be slipping away.

John McCain And Barack Obama Debate On Iraq, US economy And Threat

John McCain and Barack Obama, who are the U.S. presidential candidates, clashed their point of views on the Iraq war, the US economy and the threat from a nuclear-armed Iran during their hugely anticipated first presidential debate.