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Frances Bean Cobain Is Legally Free From Courtney Love

Frances Bean Cobain has earned herĀ  long-sought legal independence from her mother Courtney after turning 18.

Courtney Love Did Not Want Frances Bean Cobain To Become Jamie Lynn Spears

Courtney Love preferred that her 17-year-old daughter Frances Bean Cobain to become Jamie Lynn Spears, who had a daughter, Maddie, at age 17, in 2008.

Courtney Love Is No Longer The Legal Guardian of Frances Bean Cobain

Courtney Love loses her legal guardianship of her 17 year-old daughter Frances Bean Cobain after a court replaced her from being the girl’s legal guardian.

Courtney Love Thought Jamie Molested Britney Spears

Courtney Love stir a controversy as she made a strange accusation against Jamie Spears, the father of pop singer Britney Spears.

Kim Kardashian Defends Her Brother Against Courtney Love

Kim Kardashian blogged on Christmas Eve to tackle accusations about her brother made by Courtney Love with a title: Christmas Grinch.

David Beckham’s Mystical Beads Boost Love Life

David Beckham, who is married to former “Spice Girls” singer Victoria, has been wearing a mystical necklace to improve his love life.

Frances Bean Cobain Would Have Been Aborted?

Frances Bean Cobain would have been aborted in the womb if Courtney Love’s handlers had had their way, according the upcoming book.

Frances Bean Cobain Set To Become The New Face of Chanel

Frances Bean Cobain, who was the daughter of her father’s striking pale blue eyes and her mother’s distinctive bone structure, is quite a beauty.

Revealing Courtney Love In Harper’s Bazaar

Courtney Love, who recently has a cupcake diet, takes her clothes off for a photo shoot.