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Daniel Radcliffe’s New Role Will Finally Free Him From “Harry Potter”

Daniel Radcliffe hopes that his new role in “The Woman In Black” will finally free him from being “Harry Potter.”

Daniel Radcliffe’s Wild Night In Russian Club

Daniel Radcliffe has a wild night in a Russian club to celebrate his 21st birthday.

Daniel Radcliffe Apologizes To Fans Over 2010 Comic-Con

Daniel Radcliffe apologize to the fans who were upset after failing to attend the 2010 Comic Con.

Daniel Radcliffe Will Star In “The Woman In Black”

Daniel Radcliffe was definitely excited to be included “The Woman in Black” film.

Daniel Radcliffe Couldn’t Stop Playing Harry Potter Game

Daniel Radcliffe was reportedly obsessed with “Harry Potter” game.

Daniel Radcliffe: “Harry Potter” Role Wasn’t His Favorite

Daniel Radcliffe said that playing “Harry Potter” wasn’t his favorite role when the famous sequel came to an end.

Harry Potter Stars React On Their Final Film

Harry Potter stars, who attended the recent National Movie Awards, reacted when there will be the last two weeks of shooting on the finale.

Rupert Grint on Kissing Emma Watson For ‘Deathly Hallows’

The depicter of Ron Weasley spills the bean that he and co-star Emma Watson who plays Hermione needed five takes to get the kissing scene for ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ right.

Daniel Radcliffe: Girlfriend’s Split, Talked About Post-Potter Role

Daniel Radcliffe has split with his girlfriend Laura O’Toole.