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Heath Ledger Wins SAG Award For Dark Knight

The late Heath Ledger continued his awards sweep Sunday at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Heath Ledger’s Daughter Could Lose $12.5 Million Over Estate Row

Matilda Rose, who is the daughter of the late actor Heath Ledger, could lose $12.5 million if a life insurance company wins its case.

Dark Knight Smashes Box Office Record On Opening Day

It is the most anticipated film to hit cinemas this summer, and the new Batman movie is living up to all expectations by setting a single-day box office record on its first 24 hours of release in the US.

Fans Praise Heath Ledger In ‘The Dark Knight’

Chris Finegan, who watched Heath Ledger’s stunning portrayal of the Joker on Friday in “The Dark Knight,” couldn’t help but think of another actor who wasn’t on the screen – James Dean.

Christian Bale: Heath Ledger Had “Wonderful Time” Playing The Joker

Christian Bale doesn’t believe for a second that playing the Joker made Heath Ledger depressed. In fact, he says that his “Dark Knight” co-star “couldn’t have been happier” in the role.