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Brad Pitt Wears Dark Polo Shirt On Baseball Diamond

Brad Pitt was wearing a dark polo shirt, dark blue cap and light colored pants on baseball diamond.

Miranda Kerr Flashed Engagement Ring In Los Angeles

Miranda Kerr flashed her diamond ring when she visited churches in Los Angeles with her mother ahead of her wedding to Orlando Bloom.

Brangelina’s Expensive Cufflinks For Charity

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie designed a pair of cufflinks worth $10,000 for charity.

Taylor Lautner’s Death Report Is A Hoax

Taylor Lautner’s death has been greatly exaggerated after so-called reports accused the 17-year-old of a cocaine overdose but it was just a hoax.

Jon Gosselin ‘Begs’ Hailey Glassman To Marry Him

Jon Gosselon reportedly begged his girlfriend Hailey Glassman to marry him as he showered her with expensive gifts, including a $14,000 diamond ring.

Khloe Kardashian Finally Wore Her Engagement Ring

After Khloe Kardashian hit the headlines with her sudden wedding plans, she finally flashed her engagement ring.

Angelina Jolie’s Diamond Necklace

Preparing for the Academy Awards is a frenzied affair, and even the normally low-key Angelina Jolie is caught up in the madness.

Is Rihanna Engaged To Chris Brown?

“Umbrella” hitmaker Rihanna sparked a lot of speculation that she is engaged to Chris Brown after she was seen flaunting a huge diamond ring on her wedding finger.

Rihanna And Chris Brown Engaged?

Rihanna has sparked rumors that she was engaged to R+B singer Chris Brown after she was photographed wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger.

Lindsay Lohan Receives A Commitment Ring From Samantha Ronson?

Lindsay Lohan, who previously celebrated her birthday last week, was believed to receive a gift worth a $22,000 Cartier diamond ring to Lindsay Lohan.

Nicole Kidman Receives Baby Gift From Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman, who was expected to give birth in early July, has received a surprise stunning gift to his wife in the delivery room — a $73,000 Cartier Trinity ring! Sounds like a very cool gesture from Keith. Who knew the country star was so romantic?