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Zac Efron Flaunted His Muscular Form On “The Paperboy” Film Set

Zac Efron flaunted his muscular biceps while wearing a casual tank top on the L.A. set of upcoming film “The Paperboy” on January 28.

Nicole Kidman Explained Her Make-Up Malfunction

Nicole Kidman was not aware of her make-up malfunction when she showed up with a ring of white powder on her face at Nine’s premiere in New York.

Nicole Kidman Was Seen Having A Powder Makeup Malfunction

Nicole Kidman hit the red carpet with white powder all over her face at the New York premiere of her new movie “Nine” on Tuesday night.

Nicole Kidman Did Not Have Weight Issues

Nicole Kidman admitted that she did not have weight issues like being overweight because of her height.

Nicole Kidman Became The Face of Australia World Cup Bid

Nicole Kidman is set to front Australia World Cup bid when she became the face of Australia’s bid for the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cups.

Nicole Kidman’s Alleged Lip Job

Nicole Kidman, who busted out of her dress at Country Music Awards, was believed to have a alleged lip job.

Nicole Kidman Speaks In Congress About Violence To Women

Nicole Kidman, who is the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), speaks during the “International Violence Against Women: Stories and Solutions” hearing on October 21 in Washington, D.C.

Nicole Kidman Did Not Neglect Her Adopted Teens

Nicole Kidman has denied the reports, which suggested she abandoned her adopted teens namely Isabella and Connor.

Nicole Kidman’s Project Runway Cameo

Nicole Kidman will help set up one of the challenges for contestants in the upcoming Lifetime special, Project Runway: All Star Challenge.

Nicole Kidman ‘Argues With Husband Over Baby Plans’

Nicole Kidman has come to blows with her country music star husband Keith Urban — because he doesn’t want to rush into having another child.

Nicole Kidman Hits Out At Cruise Marriage

Nicole Kidman has confessed that she felt like she was “only a star by association” during her marriage to Tom Cruise.

Keith Urban Impressed Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman was “impressed” by her husband Keith Urban’s steamy Playgirl shoot.

Nicole Kidman Maybe Pregnant With Second Child

Allegedly sporting a bit of bump, Nicole Kidman has been rumored to be pregnant with her second child with singer husband Keith Urban.

Nicole Kidman’s Daughter Has A Crush On Naomi’s Son

Nicole Kidman’s daughter has a crush on Naomi Watts’ son.

Nicole Kidman’s Coffee Shop Stop & Christmas Morning Mass

Nicole Kidman was spotted with her husband Keith Urban as they stopped by a local coffee shop in Nashville recently.