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Johnny Depp Installs TV For World Cup Action

Johnny Depp is obviously an avid soccer fan after installing a slew of TVs all around the “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” set.

Cristiano Ronaldo Posed For Armani Advertisement

Cristiano Ronaldo stripped his shirt off when he posed for Armani advertisement.

Kelly Brook’s FHM Cover Girl & Playboy Deal

Kelly Brook, who became the FHM cover girl, signed a Playboy deal worth half a million dollar.

David Cook Speaks About “American Idol” Benefit Concert

David Cook, who was the “American Idol” winner, speaks about “American Idol” benefit concert on April 21.

Prince William’s Modest Accomodation In Wales

Prince William, who shared a farmhouse with his brother, will face to live in a more modest accommodation.

Prince William Will Take Queen’s Place In Overseas Trip

Prince William will be having his first official overseas trip in place of the Queen as he hopes to travel to New Zealand in the new year.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Rescued A Village of Kids

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt followed her parent’s footsteps as she rescued a village of kids with her pictures, according to a report.

Kim Kardashian Gets Stranded In Africa

Kim Kardashian learned first hand what happens when you misplace the single most important travel document – your passport.

Prince Harry: I Want To Make My Mother Proud

Prince Harry will speak on global issues to make his mother proud.

Madonna Will Open School In Africa

Madonna, who previously promised to look after her adopted son, wants to follow in the footsteps of Oprah.

Prince William And Prince Harry Will Join Enduro Africa Motorcycle Rally

Princes William and Harry are set to take part in an arduous 1,500km motorcycle rally across Africa in aid of charity later this month.

Prince Harry Promises To Cut Boujis Nights

Prince Harry has vowed to tame his party lifestyle and promised there will be no more photographs of him falling out of nightclubs.

Celebrities Lamented Upon Bernie Mac’s Death

Friends and co-stars of comedian Bernie Mac are speaking out following his Saturday morning death.

Prince Harry Follows Princess Diana’s Footsteps In Africa

He claims he was no good at school. So caked in sweat and dust, Prince Harry is sticking to what he says he does best – a spot of hard labor. And a little football.