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Alec Baldwin’s Self-Apology On “SNL” After American Airlines Incident

Alec Baldwin, who posed as airline pilot of the flight he was kicked off, apologized to himself on “Saturday Night Live.”

Alec Baldwin Was Asked To Leave “American Airlines” Plane Over “Words With Friends”

Alec Baldwin claimed that “American Airlines” flight attendant reamed him out of the plane because he was playing “Words With Friends.”

Alec Baldwin Advices Charlie Sheen To Take A Nap And Get A Shower

Alec Baldwin gave advice to Charlie Sheen based on his own experiences.

Alec Baldwin Contemplated Suicide After Leaked Voicemail

The leaked voicemail message — in which a foul-mouthed Alec Baldwin called his then-11-year-old daughter a “rude little pig” and said she needed to have her “a** straightened out” — was shocking to everyone who heard it. But it left the actor himself contemplating suicide.

Jonas Brothers Desperate To Work With Baldwin

The Jonas Brothers have apparently said that they will do ‘whatever it takes’ to act alongside Alec Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin: Kissing Jennifer Aniston ‘Was Painful’

Alec Baldwin says kissing Jennifer Aniston on hit TV show ’30 Rock’ was “painful”.

Sarah Palin Smiles As She Joins SNL

Sarah Palin witnessed it first hand this week as Tina Fey engaged in fiction by depicting her at the news conference the Republican vice presidential nominee has yet to hold.

Tina Fey Will Be Done If Sarah Palin Wins Election

Tina Fey revealed that she will be “done” if John McCain and Sarah Palin win the election next month.

Jennifer Aniston’s Crazy Eye At Alec Baldwin On “30 Rock”

Jennifer Aniston, who is preparing for her latest role as a stalker on US comedy series 30 Rock, has attracted a lot of attention on the “30 Rock” set when the actress filmed a guest appearance as a crazed stalker for NBC’s hit show.