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Angelina Jolie Was Labeled Ignorant By Bosnian War Rape Victims

Angelina Jolie invited Women Victims of War group in Budapest to clear any misunderstandings with her directorial film.

Angelina Jolie Showed Actors How To Shoot A Gun

Angelina Jolie was spotted while showing the actors of “United Love Story” how to shoot a gun on November 10.

Angelina Jolie Was Busy With “United Love Story”

Angelina Jolie keeps her focus while directing her new film, “United Love Story” on November 4 in Budapest, Hungary.

Angelina Jolie’s Film Permit Was Reissued

Angelina Jolie could resume her directorial debut in Bosnia after her filming permit was given back.

Angelina Jolie Slammed False Reports On Her First Directorial Film

Angelina Jolie slammed false reports that her directorial debut includes a rape victim, who became attracted to her captor.

Kellan Lutz Disgusted Over Video of Bosnian Puppy Thrower

Kellan Lutz has been disgusted with a video of the Bosnian girl captured on video tossing puppies into a river.

Angelina Jolie’s Trip To Bosnia

Angelina Jolie, who was sporting a gray wool dress and beige gloves, was seen taking a trip to the Venice’s canals. She only returned to Venice when she resumed filming with her co-star Johnny Depp.