Emma Watson’s Summer Style As A Brown University Student

Emma Watson was recently sported a summer style — ultra-casual shorts and tank top ensemble at Brown University.

Emma Watson

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Miley Cyrus’ Youtube Video Cleared Rumors

Miley Cyrus recorded a ten-minute video on Youtube to clear the rumors, including romance and plastic surgery.

Miley Cyrus

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Chelsea Handler Was Happy After Hosting 2010 VMA

Chelsea Handler was very happy after hosting the 2010 Video Music Awards.

Chelsea Handler

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Kellan Lutz Disgusted Over Video of Bosnian Puppy Thrower

Kellan Lutz has been disgusted with a video of the Bosnian girl captured on video tossing puppies into a river.

Kellan Lutz

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Kim Kardashian Was Spotted At A Make-up Launch

Kim Kardashian, who had plastered her forehead with a shiny bronzer, appeared at a make-up launch on September 4.

Kim Kardashian

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Justin Bieber: Unhappy With The ‘Baby’ Video Haterz

Justin Bieber wasn’t happy that his most viewed YouTube music video for ‘Baby’ had over 300,000 dislikes, more than likes.

Justin Bieber

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Nicole Richie’s Daughter Harlow Guests In “Good Charlotte” Video

Harlow, who was the daughter of Nicole Richie, joined her dad Joel Madden in a YouTube video for his band’s new song.

Nicole Richie and Harlow

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