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Jennifer Grey Beats Bristol Palin After Winning “Dancing With The Stars”

Jennifer Grey beat other contestants Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin when she became the winner of “Dancing With The Stars” eleventh season.

White Powder Inside Bristol Palin’s Fan Mail Was Identified

Bristol Palin might be the target after discovering the powder inside the fan mail addressed to her.

Sarah Palin’s Wedding Hope For Her Daughter

Republican vice presidential Sarah Palin was hoping that Bristol and fiancé Levi Johnston will tie the knot soon after her daughter recently celebrated 18th birthday.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Mom Denied Bristol Palin “Baby Gifts” Rumor

Jamie Lynn Spears hit the headlines that she allegedly sent baby gifts to Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol but her mother Lynne Spears denied a widespread Internet rumor.

Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin Starts An Eyewear Trend

Sarah Palin, who is the Alaska governor and Republican nominee for vice president, has been in the limelight for only a few days but she is already starting an eyewear trend, according to a report.

Lindsay Lohan Talks Love, Politics And Bristol Palin

Lindsay Lohan, who previously wrote her reply to her father’s drinking claims, turned political as she addresses the controversy surrounding the pregnancy of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter Bristol.

Source Identified Father of Bristol Palin’s Baby

The father of Bristol Palin’s baby is Wasilla teen, Levi Johnston, according to a source.